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"Such cute products! This site is my go-to for my daughter who loves to get products that look like her cat Esteban."

- Ivy B.

"Wow fast delivery - thank you, I love it! Now me and my bestie have both the black and calico set of glass mugs. Can't wait to see her face when I give them to her."

- Katie K.

"So cute!"

"Such cute products! This site is my go-to for my daughter who loves to get products that look like her cat Esteban."

- Ivy B.

Owning a Cat for the First Time: Tips and Tricks
Becoming a first-time cat owner is a special experience, one that you'll undoubtedly cherish for the rest of your life. Yet, getting a cat does come with a few challenges you'll need to master to ensure a happy life for you and your cat.
How to Adopt a Cat
So, you're looking to bring a new pet into your life. This is an exciting time, yet it does require quite a bit of work in advance to ensure you do it right. Before you start looking for the perfect kitty, it's best to learn how to adopt a cat...
Signs, Symptoms, and Causes of Respiratory Illness in Cats
What are the signs, symptoms, and causes of respiratory illness in cats? These issues are most often identified by the cat coughing and sneezing, nasal and eye discharge, changes in appetite, nose and mouth ulcers, and significant behavioral abnormalities. See this guide to identify the problem as quickly as possible....
Common Cat Illnesses and How to Identify Them
Domestic animals are susceptible to lots of different sicknesses. Some are short-lived and don’t inflict too many symptoms on your pet. Others may not cause any symptoms at all, causing your pet to only carry the disease rather than suffer. Still, some medical conditions can result in discomfort, or pain,...
Cat-Themed Valentine's Day Gifts for Cat Lovers
February's come back around, and now it's time to start coming up with Valentine's Day gift ideas once again! This time of year can be challenging, full of stress about whether you'll get the right items or how to create the perfect date. To simplify your shopping, it's best to...
Cat Diet Plan: Does it Really Work?
The cat food market is overrun with all different kinds of diet foods, ranging from those promising weight loss to special formulas for dry, itchy skin. Instead of having to try them all one-by-one, it's best to determine which will produce real results for your cat before committing to the...

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