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The holidays have arrived again, and you’re stuck with the same old dilemma that emerges every year. What in the world are you going to get your friends and family for Christmas?

If there’s one thing you can latch onto for your holiday gift ideas, it’s the widespread adoration for our favorite feline companions. With this list of more than 50 unique Christmas gifts for cat lovers, you’ll have no problem at all in finding which gifts will be received with endless appreciation.

Christmas Gifts for Cat Lovers Who Enjoy Art, Too

There are few things a cat-loving artist would love more than to express their love for their feline companion in their artistic endeavors.

Whether it’s painting a “by-the-numbers” illustration or constructing a tiny replicate of their fur-baby, these gifts are sure to make your loved one smile this holiday season! 

DIY Cat on Moon Sculpture

Your cat-loving friend will have so much fun putting together this easy-to-make paper sculpture. Once complete, they can hang it above their bed, desk or anywhere else they could use the calm ambiance of this sleeping kitty atop a crescent moon. 

"If I Fits, I Sits" Paint by Numbers

This is one of cat owners' and enthusiasts' most beloved phrases. Help your friend capture this silly moment in time of a "smol" kitten squishing itself into an itty-bitty top hat surrounding by beautiful flowers.

They can either complete the illustration independently during peaceful, quiet alone time or invite all your loved ones to a sip and paint party! That way, you can all gush about your love for cats together while creating a beautiful work of art and lasting memories of the holiday season.

“Tabby Sleeps” Paint by Numbers

There’s something very relaxing about feeling the stroke of a brush enveloped in acrylic paint across a linen fabric canvas. Your loved one will appreciate the opportunity to get lost in the meditative practice of painting this adorable sleeping kitty, perfect for people of all artistic capabilities (or none at all!).

“Look Above” Paint by Numbers

If you have someone in your life who finds peace and joy in creating art, this Paint by Numbers project is perfect for them.

They will undoubtedly enjoy the deeply meditative experience of gentle brush strokes across the high-grade canvas. Additionally, this young kittens' serenity will elicit a natural psychological affectionate response that we as humans have toward baby animals. 


Cat Lovers’ Health & Wellness Necessities

Why not help your loved one integrate a bit of their enthusiasm for kitties into their day-to-day self-care and hygiene? These gifts are sure to make your friend, significant other, or relative giggle every time they get a glance. 

78 Cat Tarot Pack

Encourage your loved one to invite their love for cats into their meditation and reflection time! For those with an affinity for divination, this tarot deck is a light-hearted take on major and minor arcana characters from a cat’s perspective.

Your friend or relative can learn to give or receive feline-guided tarot readings by using the included guidebook and 78 distinct designs.

“We Cute” Cat Shower Curtain

This absolutely hilarious shower curtain is perfect for your cat-loving friend or family member looking for a giggle as they prepare to start the day with morning hygiene, or wind down for the evening with a nice bath.

The polyester shower curtain is made of premium, durable material. It’s also machine washable, so it's very easy to maintain. Hang it up with just 12 hooks, and your friend's bathroom will be filled with laughs!

“#selfie” Cat Shower Curtain


Though we often think of cats as naturally aversive to showers and baths, some kitties absolutely love to enjoy a soak now and then! Offer your friend a smile by gifting them this adorably hilarious shower curtain featuring this stereotype-busting cat having a bubble bath.

“The Little Meowmaid” Cat Shower Curtain

Got a Disney-fanatic in your life? Then look no further than this funny cat-version of the class, global favorite, The Little Mermaid.

This design features the famous "Grumpy Cat" endowed with Ariel's beautiful, thick, flowing red hair and mermaid body, graced by the Atlantic Ocean's crashing waves. Any Disney enthusiast is sure to fall in love with this gift straight away!

Adorable Home and Garden Décor for the Cat Lover

Part of what makes the perfect home interior is filling your home with décor representing not only who you are but also your primary interests. With this in mind, the greatest Christmas gifts for cat lovers you could possibly get are those that feature their favorite animal, front and center.

Japanese Landscape Cats with Toast

Lots of small-space indoor gardeners love to decorate their gardening spaces with subtle yet adorable trinkets. What better gift is there than one that reminds them of one of their greatest loves while they enjoy their favorite hobby?

Imagine their giddy joy as they look around their garden at their four tiny sitting cats, each with their faces stuck in a piece of toast. If you want to make your loved one smile every day, this is the perfect gift to give this holiday season.

Cat Magical Desk Lamp

Everyone needs a desk lamp – especially now that so many of us are working from home! Nothing beats a practical gift with a pop of personality.

Your loved one can enjoy this cute, resin black cat on their desk, bedside table, or wherever they may need it. They’re sure to appreciate the unique style and usefulness all wrapped in one thoughtful gift.

Nordic Cat Table Lamp

Instead of presenting its human with a dead mouse or some other morbid or gross offering, this adorable cat instead provides a light.

Cats' instinct to offer gifts to their humans is driven mainly by affection and maternal nurturing habits. Remind your friend of their cats’ love and care for them by having this little mini kitty replica offer a shining light bulb to help them through the workday. 

Kitten Miniatures 6-Piece Set

This adorable mixed bag of resin kitties is perfect for subtly decorating anything around the house. Whether your loved one wants to spruce up their bedside table or show off their love for cats on their desk at the office, you can’t go wrong with this adorable set of ornamental mini cat pieces.

Cat Chair Leg Socks

Cat-lovers’ adoration for those perfect little toe beans knows no bounds. Your loved one’s house will be overflowing with cuteness once they slip these “socks” onto their chair legs.

They don’t have to settle for those ugly non-slip chair leg protectors. Instead, you can provide the same anti-slip and anti-scratch protection (with a much better look) with these furniture covers. 

Cute Cat Wall Stickers

You’re never too old for some simplistic, whimsical home décor. Both kids and adults will love this romantic, vintage sticker featuring two kitties under a glowing streetlamp. It’s the perfect solution to personalizing a space with almost no effort whatsoever.

Cat Peeking Sticker

This sticker is a cute, simple gift that is sure to make any cat-lovers giggle. It can be placed on a car or room window, and your giftee will never have to worry about it slipping away, thanks to its waterproof qualities.

Interactive Cat Tunnel Tube

Okay, okay – so this one’s more for the cat than the human friend, but hey, it works for both! This adorable interactive play tunnel and cat bed is a great addition to any eclectic home décor design.

Your loved one can match their cat’s rest and play space to their Boho or Eclectic interior design with ease by introducing this bed into their room of choice.

Customizable Mini Pet Pillow Keychain

With this gift, your friend can take their cat with them while they’re away.

These soft, plush pillow keychains can be customized to display any photo of choice and are shaped to imitate the cat's head (or another pet, such as a dog or hamster) for a perfect representation of your friend's beloved fur-baby.


Attire and Jewelry for all the Cool Cats & Kittens

Jewelry is one of the best tools for expressing our interests and personality. Luckily, cats are one of the most artistically inspiring animals in the world! To support your loved one’s individual style, get them some chic, cat-tastic clothing and charms.

Cat Vintage Earrings

These earrings are nice and subtle, yet are the perfect way for your friend or relative to show off their affinity for their furry companions.

There are several variations to complement any and every outfit, from the small black cat gazing off into the distance with large, beady eyes, to the funny kitty playing an acoustic guitar.

Cat Claw Fluffy Socks

This is the perfect time of year to help your loved ones stock up on warm and fuzzy clothing. If anyone you know is in need of cozy socks, look no further than these soft cotton cat paw-themed socks, available in women’s sizes 5-8.5 (EU 35-40).

Hilarious Ugly Christmas Cat Sweater

Who says you can’t integrate your feline fandom into the Christmas season? Encourage your friend to sport their love for kitties by rocking this “hilariously ugly” polyester and spandex Christmas sweater to your next event (even though those kittens are the furthest thing from ugly!).

Cute Plush Kitty Slippers


Even after the holidays are over, we'll still need a reliable way to warm up our toes throughout the year. These slippers are the perfect solution for chilly feet and are available with three different, sassy facial expressions that we've surely all seen on our cat's faces before! 

Casual Cat Slippers

Is someone you love a fan of the grumpy cat? This kitty became famous for its deep frown, which is hilariously contradictory to its adorable appearance. If you’ve got someone in your life who gets a kick out of this feisty kitty, gift them a pair of these giggle-inducing slippers, available in grey, pink, and beige.

Cat Fish Hoodie

The chilly weather is fast-approaching, and your friends will need a hoodie to keep themselves warm as they travel from place to place. Help them proudly display their love for kitties as they make their way out to town with this cozy yet lightweight hoodie. 

This breathable pullover is perfect for sensitive skin, thanks to the fleece material (considered hypoallergenic). Plus, it features two little ears on the hood, perfect for children who enjoy animal designs on their clothing!

“She Is Power” Cat Printed Graphic Tee

This breathable jersey top featuring a cat wearing a green polka-dotted bandana is the perfect casual gift for your loved one. The design, reflected in the name, is reminiscent of classic works of art like “Rosie the Riveter” or the “Girl with a Pearl Earring,” great for those who appreciate a touch of creative antiquity in their attire.

“Cuddle Buddies” Cat Printed Graphic Tee

It's often surprising how stunningly beautiful many simplistic art styles such as this can be. This graphic tee perfectly captures the joy and innocence of cuddling with kitties, making it the perfect Christmas gift for cat lovers, young or old.

“Top Me Off” Cat Printed Graphic Tee

It’s often said that one of the greatest gifts you could give someone is happiness and laughter, but there is one thing better: Giving someone the gift of making others laugh and smile, too!

With this adorable little tee featuring a silly kitty perched atop another’s head, your loved one can spread the cheer with their attire alone.

Cat Lovers Kangaroo Hoodie

Admit it, we’ve all carried our kitties around in our hoodie pockets, pretending they were the joey to our kangaroo. You’ll be pleased to know that your cat enjoys it, too!

Cats naturally like to stuff themselves into warm, small spaces (like your hoodie pocket), as it makes them feel safe and secure. Because of this, this hoodie is perfect for helping your friend and their fur-baby bond.

Bleached Cat Embroidered Jeans

Give your loved one exactly what they need to sport their love for chic fashion and kitties with these super cute jeans.

 This breathable pair of pants features a vintage, bleached design dotted with charming cartoon cats. The mix of cotton, nylon, and acrylic material is highly durable, so you can be sure that this gift will last your friend for quite a while.

Cat Denim Shorts

These loose-fitting shorts are too cute to pass up! Start your loved ones early with warm weather attire by gifting them these trendy shorts, complete with a young kitten on the front.

Sheer Cat Tights

If any of your friends or family are a fan of short skirts and high socks, these cat-themed tights are perfect for them! The black color goes with nearly any outfit, and the subtle design is not too overpowering for your friend’s expression of their love for their kitty.

Plus, it’s made of spandex and nylon, two durable materials that will ensure the tights are not ripped with regular wear.


Fun Accessories for Feline Fanatics

Stickers and charms are great and all, but sometimes we need to decorate other miscellaneous items we own with some of our favorite interests. For a touch of feline cuteness in the kitchen, office, or even the outdoors, these are certainly some of the best, most practical Christmas gifts for cat lovers.

Cat Paw Plushy Pencil Case

Remember the days when you’d carry office essentials in festive, uniquely decorated pencil cases? Well, those days aren’t over! Help your friend bring their love for kitties to school and work with this cute yet practical cat paw pencil case, sealable with a zipper for added security.

Mini Phone Cat Holder

Holding up your phone for extended periods while watching Netflix or playing games can cramp your hand. Your friend might be struggling with this issue, especially if they use their phone or tablet for work.

Help them out by gifting them with this charming little phone holder. Choose either one kitty to support your loved one's phone or an entire lineup of six strong cats working together to hold up the device.

Cute Cat Water Bottle

Water bottles are often one of people's favorite canvases for displaying their interests in the form of sticker souvenirs. What better gift could there be for your active friend than an entire water bottle that puts their love of cats front and center? Stick this under the Christmas tree, and your loved one will certainly be thankful for your thoughtful, useful present!

Cute Cat Glass Tags

Getting your glass mixed up with other party-goers is the worst. Help your friend avoid this frustration by gifting them with these delightful glass tags! They’ll be ready to host your friend group for the next get-together without a worry of anyone’s drinks getting mixed up.

Cute Ass Bookmarks

Almost any pet owner would agree that animal booties are some of the cutest things on earth (and cats are not afraid to show off their ba-donk-a-donks!). Give your favorite bookworm a humorous gift they’ll surely appreciate in the form of these “cute ass” bookmarks, featuring only the most adorable of cat booties.

“Reach for It” Rare Cat Charm

Add some pizazz to your loved one’s bracelet or other jewelry with this rare cat charm, featuring a lazy – yet determined – kitty.

It's bedazzled with high-quality cubic zircons and made of oxidized 925 sterling silver, giving it a long lifespan to bring your friend or family joy for years.

“Blue Moon” Rare Cat Charm

This is the perfect jewel to add to a keychain or necklace. With its subtle stars and gorgeous blue cubic zircons, it’s a beautiful addition to any outfit, formal or casual. The cat silhouette in the middle is just right for representing your loved one’s appreciation for feline companionship.

“Black Cats” Rare Cat Charm

This is a very unique charm with a sleek look thanks to the grey and black color scheme. Whether it’s added to a collection of cat-themed ornaments or worn on its own, this 925 sterling silver piece, complete with glossy, transparent glass is great for outfits of any style.

Sushi Cat Keychain

Bring a smile to your friend's face with these hilariously charming "sushi cat" keychains! Instead of a standard sushi roll with seafood, these feature cats rolled up in the rice, seaweed, and veggies.


Kitty Kitchen Décor

The kitchen is where creativity touches new horizons, and the family gathers to make meals and spend quality time with one another. Show your loved one just how much this time means to you by giving them a gift that represents this sacred room and one of their favorite animals. 

Cat Paw Bottle Opener

Bottle openers don’t always have to be plain and boring. Give your friend an opener that is fun and uniquely “them” with this functional cat paw. It’ll be as if their little buddy is helping them get the party started!

Cat Double Glass Mug

Glasses and mugs are some of the primary vessels people use to express their interests – and why not? We drink from them every day, all day. Give your friend a gift that will remind them of their beloved pet every time they take a sip of their favorite beverage.

This mug's double glass is ideal for protecting the hands from heat, and it's durable, ensuring that it'll last as long as possible, beyond this holiday season.

Cartoon Wooden Carved Pads

Help your friend prepare to host the next party with these adorable non-slip mats, perfect for serving small dishes to adults and messy kids or for use as a coaster. The designs range from cat faces to fish and other food themes, great for everyone to appreciate and admire. 

Filtered Coffee Cat Mug

These mugs are perfect for busy friends on the go. When there’s no time for filtering a brand-new cup of coffee in the morning, they can just grab their cat-themed filtered coffee mug and head out the door.

It can also be used for tea, by using the included filter to infuse lemon, ginger, or other ingredients to make a nice, warm beverage when you need it the most. Plus, using it with hot water is perfectly safe, thanks to the heat-resistant dual layers.

Cookie Paw Pan

Got a cat-loving baker in the family? This is the perfect gift for them! Made with non-stick carbon steel, your loved one can cook up six themed cookies or cupcakes for you and the family, all while expressing their love for their cherished pet.

Cat Pattern Coaster

You can help your friend protect the integrity of the furniture's appearance by gifting them with these silicone coasters. They're large enough to support many different styles of cups, from large mugs to slender glasses. Each coaster in the pack displays a unique kitten's facial expression, which you can assign to your guests according to their personality for a bit of fun.


Purrfect Christmas Gifts for Cat Lovers’ Fur-babies

You can’t forget the animal that makes the cat lovers… well, cat lovers! Think of your loved one’s furry friend this holiday season by shopping for the types of gifts listed below.

Ceramic Pet Bowls

Who says the cat can’t have fancy dishes? These ceramic pet bowls, complete with a wooden stand, are a great classy, modern addition to nearly any type of home interior. Cats and humans alike will appreciate these wonderful, durable food and water bowls.

Cat Fish & Eggs Toy

Help your friend’s kitty stay entertained while the humans are away with this fun, engaging set of toys. The fish and eggs make a popping noise, piquing the cat’s interest in the same way bubble wrap does for humans.

Fish Drinking Bowls for Cats

Cat owners often have to deal with their little buddies drinking from the fishbowl. Although this isn’t particularly harmful for the cat, it can spook the fish. Help your friend mitigate this issue by gifting their cat their own "fishbowl" to drink from instead.

Cat Lounge Chair

Cat's deserve to relax and kick back, too. Your human friend will surely appreciate you thinking of their kitty companion when it comes to getting some R&R. This 3-in-1 gift acts not only as a chair but also as a scratch board and toy. Your loved one’s cat will be over the moon when they get to open this present.

Cat Leash Harness

Contrary to popular belief, cats love getting outside. It stimulates their mind and exposes them to the fresh air and natural sounds of the outdoors. Plus, going on walks can be a great bonding activity for your friend and their pet. Getting them this leash and harness set is a great way to help enhance their relationship.

Pet Christmas Sweater with Reindeer

People just love dressing up their pets, and the holidays are the perfect excuse to do so! While you’re gifting your loved one with cute clothes, get their cat something as well! They’ll both look stylish at the next get-together.

“Merry Christmas” Pet Christmas Sweater

Help the kittens get into the holiday spirit with this charming Christmas sweater. The humans aren't the only ones who can be stylish at family gatherings!


It can be tough to decide what the best Christmas gifts for cat lovers are. Fortunately, this list is overflowing with gift ideas that will have your loved ones laughing and grinning from ear-to-ear long after the holiday season has ended.





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