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Don’t know what to get your feline companion this holiday season? Have no fear! There are so many things you can purchase to keep your kitty happy and healthy.

From indoor play toys to outdoor recreation, the best products for cats are listed below, all of which will serve to enhance your and your cat’s relationship for years to come.

1. Cat Hammock

Cat Hammock


It’s no secret that kitties love sitting up high and getting an aerial view of their surroundings. Behavioral experts have explained that our beloved felines love these “vantage points” because of the wild instincts that still live inside them.

In the wild, cats are predatory species, often capturing their prey in ambush attacks. When they’re not looking for the unlucky critter, sitting atop tall trees, rock formations, and other natural features that lift them above the land enables the cat to spot any possible threats before they’re too close.

These instincts have remained strong, even our domestic felines of today. For this reason, your kitty will always appreciate a gift that props them high up in the room, allowing them to sit comfortably while indulging in their wild side. On that note, the absolute best product for cats is a hammock.

Purrty Presents knows just how critical a hamper is to your pet cat’s wellness. This is why you’ll find two different types of hanging hammocks in the shop.

The standard hanging Cat Hammock can hold up to 10 kg (22 lbs), and is incredibly easy to install thanks to the user-friendly suction cups that adhere the product to the wall. It’s available in blue, black, and pink, so it can fit seamlessly into your home aesthetic.

For kitties that prefer a bit more of a cozy feel in their sky-high seating options, Purrty Presents offers the Cat Suction Cups Hammock. You can stick this on any window in the house, and individual or groups of cats up to 10 kg (22 lbs) can relax and watch the world pass below them. Rest assured that your cat will stay cool inside, too, thanks to the breathable material.)

Pros Cons
  • Caters to your cat’s instinct by giving them a place to sit up high
  • Very easy to install
  • Budget-friendly gift 


  • Doesn’t offer anything to play with


2. Cat Leash and Harness

Cat on a Leash


Many cat owners are beginning to understand why it’s unwise to let your cat roam outside freely. There are many dangers your kitty may face when left to wander the great outdoors with no human supervision, including possible disease, fights with strays and other animals, and even collisions.

Still, your kitty needs to get outside! Nature’s excitements are just as crucial to your kitty as it is for domestic dogs and other such pets. According to Best Friends Animal Society’s behavioral consultant, Sherry Woodard, cats adore taking walks with their owners, soaking in the earthy scents, listening to bird songs, and rolling around in the dirt and grass.

The outdoors provides a wealth of unique and interesting things that stimulate your cat’s brain in a way that their toys or other items in the home never could. So, to add some vitality to your kitty’s life, you’ll need to get them leashed up for a safe adventure outside.

Purrty Presents’ nylon cat leash and harness is the perfect solution to meet your kitty’s longing to see the world outside. The harness is adjustable, so it fits comfortably and securely on the cat’s body, keeping them safe throughout your walk. Once you get back home, use the quick-release clips to let your feline friend run free inside.

For a new, outdoor bonding activity between you and your kitty, get the Purrty Presents leash and harness this holiday season.

Pros Cons
  • Much safer option for letting your cat outdoors
  • Provides the opportunity for bonding with your cat through walks
  • Comfortable and adjustable, can fit cats of almost any size
  • Your kitty may need training to feel confident and secure in their harness



3. Interactive Play Tunnel

Interactive Play Tunnel for Cats


Interactive play is crucial to your cat’s happiness and wellbeing. Many cat owners tend to forget this vital component of life with their kitties, as they may be used to their adult pet’s typical, relaxed demeanor. Yet, even older adults appreciate a bit of high-energy fun now and then.

Experts have noted that interactive play is one of the most rewarding activities your cat can engage in, whether it’s on their own, with other kitties in the home, or with you. Dangling pieces, such as the hanging balls on the Purrty Presents Interactive Cat Tunnel Tube, are central to awakening their inner predatory instincts, helping them to let off steam in a nearly literal game of cat-and-mouse.

This 127 cm (50”) long interactive cat tunnel gives your cat just what they need to entertain themselves for hours. Whether they choose to merely chase each other back and forth through the tube or sit comfortably on the bed and bat at the dangling balls, they’ll be grateful forever for this fantastic gift.

For your convenience, the product can be disassembled for storage, thanks to the removable components and smooth zipper, and can be washed to keep it spick and span after days of play.

Pros Cons
  • Provides endless entertainment for your cat
  • Has removable parts for storage and cleaning
  • Soft cloth makes the tunnel and attached bed very comfy 
  • Cats may miss chasing and playing with toys with you, as opposed to self-entertainment


4. Flipper Fish Toy for Cats

Ever wondered whether your cat really likes fish or not? Well, you can now put that question to the test – without making your house all smelly!

Flipper Fish for Cats

One of the best products for cats you can buy this holiday season is the flipper fish. This is the perfect solution for solo feline entertainment and is the ultimate product that will get your cat’s hunting instincts up and running like never before.

Cat Behavior Associates experts have reported that one of the most beneficial aspects of interactive play is your cat’s opportunity to achieve a “capture” know and then. This is because play-hunting is just as much of a mental activity as it is a physical one.

Since the flipper fish is self-operated and can move continuously, your kitty can plan and successfully land their attacks frustration-free. Plus, you won’t have to lift a finger. To up the ante just a bit, you can fill the Purrty Presents flipper fish with catnip, encouraging your cat to remain engaged for hours on end.

The motion sensor will activate the fish’s movement whenever your kitty is near, replicating the most realistic fish behavior possible. To help your cat relieve their stress and release their inner hunter, get them the Purrty Presents flipper fish today.

Pros Cons
  • Flipper fish toy is self-operated
  • You can fill the toy with catnip, making playtime much more rewarding
  • Simulates a real hunting experience, helping your cat relieve stress


  • Shouldn’t be used too often or for too long, or else your cat might become disinterested


5. EcoCity Cat Teaser Toys

Cat Teaser Toy


Interactive play is not always self-sustained but often involves the cat’s owner, too. In fact, many cats prefer this type of play over solo activities or those they can engage in along with other felines in the home.

One of cats’ favorite types of this form of play is the chasing of dangling toys, as mentioned above. However, instead of having the hanging object attached to a stationary post, kitties love it when their owner leads them along with the toy tied to the end of a wand.

Gifting your cat a toy, such as the insanely popular EcoCity Cat Teaser wand and feather, is a great way to bond with your feline companion and help them maintain a healthy weight and strengthen their mental health all at the same time.

This teaser toy has a highly flexible yet durable wand, which will prevent you from having to replace the item too often. The feathers are refillable too, so you don’t have to worry about getting rid of the toy altogether once your kitty tears through all the attachments.

For more fun bonding time with your kitty, you should add this teaser toy to your pet’s holiday gift list today.

Pros Cons
  • Endless fun between you and your cat
  • Chasing games with the toy help your cat to maintain healthy weight and happiness
  • Mental stimulation is great for your cat’s cognitive health
  • You have to operate the toy, so it’s not a play option for when you’re away



6. Self-Cleaning Litter Box


Did you know that the litter box’s cleanliness is not only important to you, but to your cat as well? Experts have repeatedly noted that common litter box problems, such as urinating or defecating outside the designated potty stations, are directly related to poor litter maintenance.

If you’re having trouble keeping up with the cleaning, chances are, you’re going to push your cat to eliminate in places where you least expect (or want) it. Cats are very sensitive to smells and textures. So, if their litter box isn’t up to par, they’ll choose somewhere more suitable to their senses to relief themselves.

For this reason, the self-cleaning litter box is perfect for both you and your kitty. Every hour-and-a-half, this automated litter box rotates the bowl, sifting the clumps out of the litter and depositing the waste in the covered bin, preventing strong odors from escaping. Plus, the motor is quiet, so your cat’s not spooked when they need to do their business.

To keep you and your cat happy with the cleanliness of your home, get this self-cleaning litter box as soon as possible.

Pros Cons
  • Prevents bad potty behaviors thanks to regular litter box upkeep
  • Very quiet, so the cat won’t be startled when the bowl rotates
  • Requires little to no effort from you when cleaning
  • Needs regular replacement of features like the carbon filter


7. PetFushion Jumbo Cat Scratcher Lounge

Scratcher Lounger


As all cat owners know, feline friends love having something to scratch their claws on in the home. Though many people view this as destructive behavior, it’s quite normal, and simply needs to be directed at the appropriate apparatus to prevent any unwanted aesthetic harm.

Scratching behaviors are a core part of both wild and domestic cats’ lives. It is a prominent visual and chemical communication method, as it is one of the most common forms of marking one’s territory. Keep in mind that this behavior can change, depending on your kitty’s sex, age, house environment, and whether they are intact or fixed.

Yet, despite all these factors, all cats need to scratch something at some point. To satisfy this deep, instinctual need, it is best to gift your cat with an all-in-one lounge and scratching post. Your kitty can relax and lay around lazily while giving their claws a good filing, and even share the lounge with a feline housemate.

The incredible cardboard construction has been repeatedly reported to last much longer than the average scratching post, providing kitties over one year of fun with a single purchase. Of the best products for cats, this curved, neutral-colored scratching post definitely takes the cake.

Pros Cons
  • Provides an area for filing down your cat’s claws
  • Satisfies the natural instinct for marking territory
  • Multi-purpose, built for lounging
  • Doesn’t provide high vantage point like tower scratching posts



8. Aivituvin Outdoor Cat House

Outdoor Cat House

As mentioned above, cats relish in the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the beauty of the natural world. However, not all kitties are quick to adjust to a leash and harness. So, what do you do when your cat needs some fresh air and sunlight, but you don’t want to let them roam free outdoors?

The perfect solution is the “catio,” (the combined term for “cat” and “patio”). Recommended by behavioral and veterinary experts, as well as cat adoption advocates around the world, the catio is the optimal choice for giving your feline companion a peek in the outdoors with no risk to their health and safety.

Large outdoor cat houses, such as the Aivituvin 70.9”, are perfect for providing your kitty with a variety of resting areas and jumping space in the outdoors. Set it up directly against the home so your cat can venture out of a window or pet door whenever they please.

You don’t have to worry about the unit being too soiled either. It has an easy-clean, removable PVC layer on the bottom to allow low-stress maintenance with little to no effort. When you’re ready to invite your kitty into the yard for a peaceful afternoon, make sure to install this outdoor cat house.

Pros Cons
  • Keeps cats safe and healthy when playing outdoors
  • Cats can go in and out of the house as they please without roaming free
  • Very easy to clean
  • Wood is quite light and may degrade relatively quickly



9. Cat Bed

Christmas Tree Cat Bed


The bed is one of the most important areas in the house for your feline buddy. Although you may feel comfortable with letting your kitty share your sleeping space with you, you may want to think twice about this choice.

More than 50% of pet owners in the U.S. let their pets sleep in bed with them – which, in and of itself, is not a bad thing to do. However, you may not feel warm and cuddly when reminded that your kitty is a nocturnal animal. They may scratch and play with your moving feet or hands while you sleep, which can severely disturb your rest.

Further, experts say that sharing a bed may introduce issues with dominance perception in the household and cause conflict with your cat. To give your pet their own sleeping haven, you should provide them with an enclosed cat bed.

The Purrty Presents Christmas Tree shaped bed is not only perfect for the holiday season, but the enclosed design keeps things nice, dark, and cozy for when your kitty needs some shut-eye. It’s made of 100% cotton for maximum comfort and is durable to ensure the longest lifespan of the product. To ensure that you and your cat get the best possible rest, get the Purrty Presents cat bed today.


Pros Cons
  • Very soft thanks to the 100% cotton
  • Durable, will last a long time in great condition
  • Gives your cat their own resting space
  • Season-specific design, you may want to switch to a different bed after the holidays


10. LED Laser Pet Toy

Cat Laser Toy


For the same reasons why your cat needs the interactive play discussed above, they will love Purrty Presents’ LED laser. Still, what is about lasers that cats are so attracted to? The same predatory instinct that drives your cat to chase dangling feathers is the primary motivation behind what piques their interest in laser pointers.

According to Washington State University veterinarian, Leticia Fanucchi, cats enjoy chasing and hunting anything that moves fast. The laser’s rapid movement across the floor or wall is similar to that of a scurrying rodent, which immediately gets your kitty excited and ready to pounce.

The Purrty Presents LED laser is the perfect, budget-friendly solution to fulfilling your cat’s desire to run and hunt while simultaneously keeping them fit and mentally active. This laser emits a small red dot and has a long-lasting battery for endless fun. For cheap entertainment for your beloved kitty, snag this laser for your toy collection.

Pros Cons
  • Budget-friendly fun for you and your kitty
  • Fulfills your cat’s hunting instinct
  • Great toy for exercising your cat
  • Can damage eyesight when used incorrectly



There are lots of things your cat needs and desires to remain happy and fulfilled throughout their life with you. Whether it’s interactive toys for playtime, or self-cleaning solutions for their potty area, there are numerous products you can purchase to make your cat purr this holiday season.

Choose from the best products for cats listed above for a gift that will keep on giving, even after the season’s end.


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