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Gift Ideas Under $10 for Christmas

by Jazmin Murphy   December 12, 2020

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Christmas time is here again – but don't worry, it doesn't have to be stressful on you or your finances. Whether you're shopping as a Secret Santa or you simply want to purchase a low-cost present for your friends and family this year, there are plenty of Christmas gift ideas to choose from to make this a holiday to remember.

What are some good gift ideas under $10? The best Christmas gift ideas under $10 you could get for your friends and family this year include stickers, school and office accessories, and must-have kitchen items. Nearly all these items are simultaneously decorative and practical (and won't stretch your wallet too thin).

You can collect these budget-friendly items to create a charming gift basket or present them on their own to the special people in your life. However you choose to present them, these Purrty Presents products listed below are some of the most unique gift ideas that can suit anyone's financial circumstances this holiday season. 

Decorative Stickers for the Cat Enthusiast

Gifts don't always have to be big, extravagant, and expensive to let your loved ones know how much you care for and cherish them. Often, a simple token that acknowledges your understanding and appreciation for their interests is more than enough. 

One of the simplest gifts you can get this Christmas is a decorative sticker. Stickers provide an easy route of expression of enthusiasm for your friend or relative's favorite animal: cats!

Now, you might be thinking: "All my friends are adults. What good will a sticker do as a Christmas gift?"

Well, although stickers may remind you of way-back-when – your childhood and teen years that were filled with multicolored Lisa Frank or Ed Hardy notebook "décor –" these budget-friendly items are some of the most widely beloved artistic outlets among all age groups.

They've maintained their popularity over the years thanks to an appeal similar to emojis – as the Medium describes them, stickers are basically "emojis on steroids." Whether they're displayed on a binder, water bottle, or lunch bag, the vibrant, playful designs awaken a fun and energetic spirit for anyone lucky enough to receive one as a gift or buy one for themselves.

If you're looking for a simple yet thoughtful gift to add to a gift basket (or even if you want to get yourself something cheap this 2020 holiday season), a cat-themed sticker is definitely the way to go.

 This stylish cat is reminiscent of many people's favorite decade: the 70s! With her collared shirt, denim skirt, and "kitten" heels (pun intended), this kitty is ready to strut down the runway… or straight into a 2020 Christmas gift basket!

You can never go wrong with a car sticker. According to a recent survey by CarMax, this form of personalizing one's car is shared between approximately 60% of car owners. People display stickers on their vehicles to make a statement about who they are. So, what better way to show your loved one how invested you are in their love for cats by gifting them this adorable decoration?

Purrty Presents Art Design Funny Cat Car Sticker Car Body Window Rear Glass Auto Decoration Car Styling Stickers And DecalsPurrty Presents Art Design Funny Cat Car Sticker Car Body Window Rear Glass Auto Decoration Car Styling Stickers And Decals Brown / 21cm X 33cm

Adorable Office and School Accessories

This year has been all about personalizing our school and office spaces in the global transition to the WFH (work from home) lifestyle. It's been a challenging adjustment for many people, so some relatives and friends may need help making their work- and study space their own. 

Offer a helping hand by supplying them with adorable office and school accessories that remind them of something they love most in life – kitties!

Have a productivity zone that reflects your creativity and personality is one of the best ways to encourage creativity in your work, boost your mood throughout the day, and make you feel comfortable and at home in your office or study area.

With less than $10, you can help ease your loved one into the new norm of working and attending school remotely by providing them with the following cat-themed office gift ideas:

Purrty Presents Creative Resin Craft Magic Desk Lamp Gigi Cat Nightlight Presents Decor Home Ornament for Boys Girls Table Lights Lamparas ParaPurrty Presents Creative Resin Craft Magic Desk Lamp Gigi Cat Nightlight Presents Decor Home Ornament for Boys Girls Table Lights Lamparas Para b

One of the top recommendations for decorating a home office space is integrating your top interests into the design. So, if there is someone in your life that adores kitties, your best bet is to take advantage of Purrty Presents' holiday sale and snag this cute lamp – one of the most crucial items in any workspace.

Studies have shown that reading has skyrocketed in popularity this year as most people have been cooped up indoors. Plus, as schools introduce their students to remote learning, many will have their own personal textbooks and assigned literature to flip through each day. Help your loved ones stay organized with a giggle-inducing cat booty bookmark.

Purrty Presents Bookmarks Cute Ass BookmarksPurrty Presents Bookmarks Cute Ass Bookmarks Hamster

Kitty-Themed Kitchen Accessories

The kitchen has long been one of families' favorite spaces in the home. In fact, Ally Bank surveyed thousands of homeowners this year and discovered that it was the third most favored area in the house, second only to the master bedroom and family room with 10% of the vote.


With this in mind, the kitchen is the perfect place to give your loved ones exactly what they need to express their primary interests (especially those that are cat-related). Each room of the house should accurately represent each of the residents inside, and the kitchen is no exception.


At the same time, you want as little clutter as possible in this space, so nearly everything should have some level of functional application. Thus, some of the best (and cheapest) gifts you can get for your friend, relative, or spouse this Christmas are cat-tastic dishes and helpful décor.

Purrty Presents Small Glass Cat Cup Black Cat / 201-300ml

Glasses and mugs are widely preferred vessels of expressing one's interests, values, and character. Just like people like to exhibit their titles on their coffee cups, such as "World's Best Boss" or funny phrases such as "starter fluid" for caffeinated drinks, your friend will be ecstatic at the chance to put their love for cats on full display with every sip.

Never underestimate the importance of a coaster! These are some of the most important – and most overlooked – kitchen and dining items people need in their homes. Not only can they be a cute décor piece, but they can also help significantly extend furniture's lifespan by providing a barrier between the furniture's surface and incoming moisture.

Purrty Presents Coaster Cat Pattern CoasterPurrty Presents Coaster Cat Pattern Coaster

You don't have to break the bank to get your loved ones something they'll truly love this holiday season. Whether you're looking to preserve a few bucks or you're simply searching for Secret Santa gift ideas with low spending limits, you can't go wrong with these Purrty Presents items listed above.

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